All good things must come to an end…

AKA: 26 is my lucky number

AKA: Should have kept my mouth shut and just did!

So my run streak lasted… well, actually longer than I thought it would (… 26 days if you hadn’t figured that out from the AKA).  Initially I thought I would either forget to do it, think I’d already did it or just become my usual apathetic-self and wake up one morning with the all too familiar “ach, I’ll do it tomorrow...” attitude (if an effort to combat said apathy, I did call myself out that I was streaking so figured that there would be an element of accountability

A man’s GOT to know his limitations

Harry Callahan

Wise words.  The long and short of it is I simply cannot run at the moment.  I was about to say “I can’t run anymore” but that would have been frightfully melodramatic of me, of course I can run, it just hurts too much to do so!

Now, since the beginning of the year, I’ve been using the TrainAsOne training system to add a bit more structure to my marathon training… and by structure I really mean really structured.  This was a typical run would look like:

  1. Very easy: 5 minutes at 6:53 min/km, 128 bpm (118 to 132), ~726 m.
  2. Easy: 9 minutes at 6:24 min/km, 146 bpm (140 to 151), ~1.4 km.
  3. Perform the following workbouts 3 times
    1. Very easy: 2 minutes at 7:31 min/km, 113 bpm (110 to 117), ~266 m.
    2. Fast: 10 minutes at 5:28 min/km, 163 bpm (158 to 167), ~1.8 km.
  4. Easy: 9 minutes at 6:24 min/km, 146 bpm (140 to 151), ~1.4 km.

Exacting to say the least!  Anyway, I opted for a 4 day a week plan which, in my mind, left me enough time to do some cross training and the odd rest day… the rest day where I’d be running.

I had no desire to run miles and miles every day anyway, and that’s where sticking to the “minimum mile” (as per the Streak Runners International, Inc. and United States Running Streak Association, Inc rules state) played into my wheelhouse of doing the absolute minimum to get by! But sadly even that became a step to far, quite literally.  I can walk but the initial impact from that first step when you run or jog…


That’s my shin exploding! It 100% feels like my bone is about to snap and it’s sore to the touch pretty much all the time.  I mentioned this the last time I went for a sports massage and Physio-Dude said that it looks like the Soleus is getting overworked.

I’ve tried everything to stretch, massage, compress, cold blast and heat the damn thing and nothing’s worked… only thing I can do is rest.

… yeah and my back hurts like a son of b*tch too!!


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