It’s a bad sign..

… when you’ve no idea the content of your own blog!

This is really just a self-admonishment more than an proper post!

Having tried and failed miserably at tracking my exercise by updating my blog on a weekly – due to a combination of ill health, injury and a new job just kicking the absolute life out of me – I have tried over the last 2 weeks to get back into “it”.

Which just so happens to coincide with CrossFit Glasgow‘s CFG Team Classic!  An in-house all inclusive competition with registrations, a live draft pick, teams, head-to-heads, little athlete cards… honestly, if I had mine I’d show you, they’re like Trump Cards: Height, Weight, Age, Max Lifts, Key Skill (… granted there are a lot of blank spaces on mine).  A lot of thought and effort has gone into this.

Anyway, it’s spread out over 4 weeks, a WoD is announced each Monday and you a have til the following Monday to submit your score. “Jackie” was this weeks WoD:

For Time:     1000 Meter Row
50 Thrusters @ 20/15kg
30 Pull Ups

Long story short, this morning as I lay quivering, a sweaty puddle on the mats, it struck me “Hey, you have a whole section dedicated to the “CrossFit Girls” on your blog… why don’t you update it with this”

“AWESOME IDEA DEL” I though to myself… only Jackie is one of the “New Girls” and I don’t haven’t created a page for them.

So not only did I not know the what’s on the very pages I created, I’m not even clued up on the sport* I’ve spent so much time taking part in these last few years!

(* – I know,  there’s the ongoing debate surrounding whether or not CrossFit should be classed as a sport or just a physical exercise philosophy of sorts (even more recently whether it should be included in the Olympics!)  I don’t particularly care either way, saying “sport” is just a  whole lot less of a mouthful than “an increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains“)


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