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Last Monday, despite the idea of running fast AND uphill going against my core principles… those being find the easy downhill version in everything, I enjoyed the interval class and saw the benefit of going back so…

This week started with another 1.5m, very pleasant warm up, it was sunny and warm. We ended up at a corner of Kelvingrove Park, a very nice one if you were there for people watching and some post-work al fresco refreshments…  we were there for 600m repeats.  No hills this time, just a triangle with a very deceptive incline on it longest side (cheeky).  The theme from last week carried on, this time we had 3:30 to cover the 600m and whatever you have left was recovery, 6 times.

This is where I need to learn how to be creative with my Garmin.  I need to be able to have a countdown timer, or even just a running clock, then be able to time the “laps” accurately without just eyeballing the timer and then trying to remember how long they all took.  Does that make sense?  I know the first 2 laps was 2:08 and 02:10 but after I started having to really concentrate on breathing, I stopped counting and just focused on getting round and letting the coach deal telling us when to go.


Booked myself another shot at the Pure Cycle class. The first was no anomaly! Absolutely sweating buckets!  This class was a little different as it was more focussed ramping up the resistance on the bikes than just making the required RPM, although target RPM’s were called out to baseline everyone I guess.  Once the desired RPM target was reached, the instructor would call out Quarter/Half/Full Turn on the resistance dial.

I wore my HR Monitor to see if I could figure out the reason for the really excessive sweating…
HR - Pure Cycle




… OK, I’m not sure WHY I thought I could figure it out looking at a graph.  But comparing the above against a 30 min run, my HR goes in a similar fashion.  Starting at around about 100 and then ramping up sharply to the 170’s and staying there.  The peaks and troughs in the read out about is from the rest between tracks otherwise the HR would be staying in the 170’s…. answer on a postcard if you have any ideas.


Rest day… and also physio day. I think with the increase in miles the last few weeks ,my hip and back have been playing up. Running’s become uncomfortable, certain body movements I feel are “off” for want of a better word and no amount of stretching and rolling seemed to be making a difference.

Long story short, Physio Fella said it’s my L4 and L5 vertebrae that are super stiff and causing all sorts of referral pain/discomfort.  Good news (I suppose) is that he was keen to keep me moving, “motion is lotion” was the phrase of the day.  I don’t have to stop what I’m doing, I just need help freeing up my lower back and focus on stretching specific areas and some mobility work.

30mins of poking and prodding later and I could feel a difference but I know from experience that a) it wont last long b) I will be just as achy tomorrow c) these things are never “fixed” in just one visit.  SO, armed with a bunch of stretches I’ve a week of homework effectively and an appointment next week to see where we are.


I’m not intentionally flying in the face of Physio Fella’s advice by not doing anything today, I was simply unprepared.  No gym and no run today and with a busier than usual day, I wont lie, I wasn’t feeling it.  That said, I wasn’t idle.  I spent a good hour going through the prescribed stretches and generally tinkering as far as my many and varied niggles are concerned.


AAAAAARRRRGGGH!!!  Back is killing me.  Imagine being killed in the ass…the right cheek to be specific, and your ass (the right side) travelling about 6 inches up your back.  Then take a stick and really jam it in there and leave it poking out.

That was Friday.


Things weren’t much better today back/ass wise.  Physio Fella explained that the pain and general discomfort I was feeling was all radiating from the L4/l5 issue, but “Motion is Lotion” so I figured I could tootle round Tollcross park again and

I managed to pick up a running partner while I was there… the very same person who put me on to running Tollcross in the first place, “Welshy” from Run4it (she isn’t Welsh… not with that accent, but had a Welsh sports top on when we met… it’s not hard for me to come up with nick names). As much we chatted, I would be hard pressed to say that you can run Tollcross at a conversational pace, something we both freely admitted near the end when neither of us had spoken to one another for a while.


Sunday, Long Slow Run day… apparently!

I got at least 2 out of the 3.  I wanted to get 10miles, I got 10k.  I had a nice quiet route planned, just me, the trail and, as it turned out, a couple of dear (the route took me past some fields and forest)!  It was an out and back route, as I got to the 5 miles turn point I stopped for what I planned to be a minutes breather and just I can to a halt it felt like someone dropped a f*cking anvil on my back.  So what should have taken maybe 90mins ended up closer to 2.5hrs due to some limpy awkward walk jog nonsense back home.

Got another appointment with Physio Fella on Wednesday…


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