Remember that time I used to run… (Juneathon Day 11)

Given my current state of bleurgh and subsequent lack of activity, I’ve had more time to properly read some of my fellow Juneathoner’s (and other bloggers) posts in more detail rather than the speed reading and/or “guess what the posts about” game by merely looking at the pictures (… yes, I feel ashamed).

One thing I have noticed is the number of trail and off-road running people are taking part in, for reference:

I would like to say that these accounts have given me the impetus… IMPETUS, I’m not that sick…  to lace up my trail shoes and go off-piste but sadly no, the continue to calcify by my front door, unceremoniously dumped and forgotten about from their last outing.  All they’ve really done is remind of the last trail run I took part in.  Since I’m still recovering from yesterdays trip to the gym, man-flu, Sundays mobility class and the general wear and tear of trying to make it through the day, I really don’t have much to tell you today and I’m sure you’ve had enough of my Pilates escapades (…and kettlebells are acting as temporary door stops just now) SO… here’s a something from my back catalogue

2 responses to “Remember that time I used to run… (Juneathon Day 11)

    • I’m not going to lie…. the 80 odd weren’t any better! (if you fast forward to 18:00 you can see me randomly deck it, its hilarious)

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